Legends about Ikaria : The Forest of Radi

~That’s a beautifully wiggly forest!~
❤ ❤ ❤

Το Δάσος του Ράντη


About an old magic forest and the footpaths


Hello, readers! The above is in my Flickr and dates from over a year ago. When I discovered this forest I was 25 years old. It was awesome and so dense that we got completely lost. So lost and exhausted that we started crying! It was an unforgetable experience because it is thought to be practicaly impossible to get lost in a medium sized island. Whatever, it took us hours to get out of there. Let not this beautiful photo be a memorial. Because right now…
I don’t know who advises people (the Greeks in particular) who are coming to hike in Ikaria, not to follow the marked paths but instead, go looking for the Forest of Radi. Maybe it’s on some website (where they advertise stuff they have no idea about, just to show off). Maybe they get it from shopkeepers and hotel owners (who may drop “Radi Forest” in a trivial way to oblige a tourist). Maybe it’s on one of those new guide books that are based on hearsay and contain impractical “tips”.
‘Cause the truth is that until recently there was no Radi Forest!
Or to put it better –there is a forest and an area called “Radi”. But there was no more or less safe way for a newcomer to go there. Not only the place was far from main roads, villages and towns; not only the trails are vague and unmarked but also –very unfortunately- there are many goat trails that lead nowhere. Especially in August and September the forest is dusty and dry and there may  also be some caterpillar “itching powder” left from last June.
So, in spite of how attracted you feel at the sound of a magnificent term, resist it. Don’t go unprepared or you won’t find it, so hidden and mysterious it is! Try to locate and follow the trail marked by the Hiking and Mountain Climbing Association of Ikaria, which starts from the village of Petropouli and ends in the village of Frantato. For me this forest means a lot.
I want you to discover it in the proper way. I don’t want to hear anymore people telling me “We couldn’t find the way and, anyway, it was nothing. Just trees, as good as any…”
Here is their map. If you click on the image you will be transported to the home of the map in Google maps. Try it! It’s worth it! It’s a great piece of work!


Look for the “Dasos tou Ranti” in any other time of the year except August. For example, winter is the best season. (Forests are “storehouses” of winter, like the sea and the beaches “storehouses” of summer.) You may either start from Frantato or Petropouli and the trails is marked with orange dots, colored metal plates and cairns. This is the best and safest way to see this legendary ancient forest.
Good luck!
Until then, take a look the pictorial archives…



what it takes to stay in Ikaria «off season» (intro)


My friend 😊 Roberta , alias ‘gataki’ or ‘kalimera05’, founder of http://www.flickr.com/groups/ikaria asked me to tell her how it is possible and what it takes to spend a long «off seasons» time in Ikaria.

I’ll do what I can in my own personal way….
My own personal way… Well, well, well… που λένε και οι Αγγλοι…
Take for instance, the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikaria

Another good friend from the group

self portrait #1 by cheeseontaoist Storm in Gialiskari by cheeseontaoist Agios Isidoros by cheeseontaoist

wanted to update, improve and add material and pics, so I visited it very recently. I can’t say the old entry is all wrong… Most of it is accurate and at the same time much of it (towards the end of the entry) is like a page from a travel log :


I’ll do the same.

I’ll initiate from that sweet wiki/ikaria and write my own personal opinion based on my own personal experience on what it takes to stay in Ikaria longer than usual.


In tourist pamphlets, discussion forums on the net and in the Rough Guide, we read

«the inhabitants of Ikaria are idiosyncratic«

I can understand this word perfectly because it’s Greek («ιδιομορφος», «ιδιαζων», «ιδιοτυπος») . I also know a funny Latin equivalent : *sui generis* . A professor 😒 at university used to call 😉 me like that ! Like the  «You Are One of a Kind» by INXS? I think/hope so.

So… I’m conjugating :

I am idiosyncratic (ok this is obvious…)
You are idiosyncratic (sure you are if you found and read my blog)
He/she is idiosyncratic (no matter of, *people ARE NOT sheep*)
A sheep is idiosyncratic (just take it away from the flock…)


Try and stay in Ikaria a length of time outside the 45 days of the «high season» (15 July – 30 August). If you enjoy it,  you are  *idiosyncratic*. If you didn’t know and Ikaria gave you the chance to discover it, you may get a tin of honey as a present from me,

😊 Eleni.


(3 total)

1) yes the (perhaps too sweet) wiki/ikaria entry is a good start
2) I was sent your *idiosyncratic* camera and it looks repaired but not completely. Your *idiosyncratic* filters and settings are in and well locked. So I took and I’m going to post 3-4 *idiosyncratic* pictures of *idiosyncratic* subjects the same as you did. One of them very special, will be lovingly dedicated to you.

Wednesday July 19, 2006 – 11:39pm (EEST)

1) you shouldn’t have used my green+yellow filters in a warm & strong Aegean sunset. The photos look like with tomatoe & peperoni sauce on them.
2) tHAnK yOu for …. You are such a sweet ASS !!!

Thursday July 20, 2006 – 01:24pm (PDT)

«Most people who have been to Ikaria for any length of time do not want to leave, and, when they must, they dream of returning.»

<> That’s cold, hard, unbiased fact. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent staring at my computer as it randomly goes through pictures from Ikaria, longing to return.


Saturday July 29, 2006 – 08:45pm (EDT)

Work in Ikaria for the summer 😄 Come on Elina! Let’s do it together! In the summer at least there are plenty of good jobs in Ikaria!

😂 😂 😂

Saturday October 17, 2012 – 08:45pm (EDT)

The News in Brief (for April 06, 2006)




The News in Brief

#1-> I’ve finished work. All 3 projects have been completed and sent. There are no news, so I assume this is good news. ^^’

#2-> I walk a lot. I’m charging my batteries, as they say. I hope it will be warm next week so that I start to swim too. I won’t have to take «the 40-waves cure», but I must absolutely swallow and gargle a lot of salt water and clean my breathing system.

#3-> I drive to Rahes and I walk there mostly. I was asked to «test» the new paths there. It’s fun. The paths are designed in a very interesting way. They look as if they had always been there, but in fact they are not. This is Land Art, very carefully concealed. My business is to check if this ‘Land Art’ makes sense as an activity as well. So far I can say that it does (though it takes an early wake-up, and this is very difficult in Ikaria. However, art demands for sarcrifices). A fruitfull sense of ‘total loss’ is achieved. You know… «it’s the road, not the destination» -that kind of —-

(I’ll return to the subject; I don’t feel very genius right now). 😛

#4->Doctor‘ made a slightly ironical comment to my last entry: «You are too modest«, he wrote. «I’m trying not to be, man, I’m trying. But they are not letting me!» I reply. From the point they suspected me of being a spy, an agent of the Turkish intelligence, a loose whore, a drug addict in the process of clean-up etc., now they are calling me «serene highness». Until we reach a compromise and I’m just called «Eleni«, «Elenitsa» or even better «to Elenaki» (the sweetest Greek diminutive form for a first name -and in neutral !…), I have to say that I’ll fully enjoy my royal title. When I was a young girl, my father who was very anti-royalist, never called me «princess» or «queen«. He used republican names instead, such as «skatoula» (=piece of shit), «andartissa» (=she-rebel), «katsika» (=she-goat), «teras» (=monster or freak), «agapi mou» (=my love), «moro mou» (=my baby).

#5-> Ah, that ‘Doctor’ again… He posted in Flickr a photo of an animal which broke my heart. As I usually do in such cases, I fought very hard against falling for it. I called it a «yak», I thought of it as the pet of the abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, then I tried to convince myself that it was mutant, or a by-product of the mad-cow disease …anyway, I tried and I tried in vain to calumniate the poor mamal. 😥 I had never seen a picture of it taken in its natural environment. I loved it! My case would be desperate and I’d present symptoms like Pasiphae’s,

  Ikaria 161

if… my demon had not found for me a replacement.
This replacement is bound to die in a few weeks during Orthodox Easter-time in the evening while the church bells call for the Epitaph. Moral: «Never grow too fond of something that tastes good and you like to eat it». 😥

bIG nAIL, from my article: 'ze nnews im mbrief'

#6-> What the hell is this photo with the earth digger? 😛
Well, this is part of my plan to reconciliate with my nightmares. This big earth digger here is equiped with a BIG NAIL. It works with compressed air. It makes BIG HOLES in the earth. My father used to work with a similar (smaller) machine, which made holes in the earth, UNDER the earth. Unlike my father’s holes which were in places the sun never reached, the holes this BIG NAIL digs, are in very sunny places. Unlike my father’s holes where nothing could grow, many things can grow in and around the holes this BIG NAIL digs. In fact, this is just a digger after all. It brings new earth onto the surface. It’s up to us, isn’t it, to see what we will do with the mess afterwards.

Ikaria 140

Oh, readers… 😦

… I’m trying… don’t you see? I’m trying to …»swallow and take down an earth digger». (*)

Stand by me and perhaps I’ll make it. You may see me writing, but in fact I’m mostly a woman of action. I can’t attack an earth digger (maybe I don’t want to after all). I may «chew and swallow» it. (Oh Gof, I love me when I think B I G…)

(*) I used to think that the queen of Knossos’ name «Pasiphae» meant «eat all«. Eventually I think now that it means something like «the one who is gradually and totaly consumed in front of and seen by everybody» -simpler -> «self eaten in public«. Doesn’t it sound terrible? Doesn’t it make you think that the ancients were «gothic» etc. Well, not at all actually. «Pasiphae» was originaly a name for a female goddess (not of the Olympian 12theon but prior to it) and a very friendly one. We still see her «eat herself in public» today. Who may this goddess be? Image




(7 total)

φχααρστώωωω!.. *γαληνότατη* for the photo of the *green machine* (Ikaria #160)
You must be in the middle of a machine.. oop, no, I meant a storm. Is there a storm now?

Friday April 7, 2006 – 04:50pm (EEST)

I was fishing on the ocean beach last month and met three other guys fishing. Was talking to one of them, Jupiter was his name (really), and I told him I loved the ocean because it made me think, made me meditative, contemplative, made me ponder the mysteries of the waves, the tides, time and space. He said, «yeah, it clears up my sinuses too.» So yes, you better gargle sea water girl.

Friday April 7, 2006 – 06:56am (PDT)

You are a machine too !
I know what kind of machine you are.
You are a «housewife» machine !

Imagine my mood: it’s Friday evening and still at work. I remembered your ‘barn’ in Ikaria and how exceptionaly neat it is. You ARE a housewife -in every good sense of the word and pls don’t punch me for this. One way or another you ‘ll swalow and tidy up everything, outside of you or inside you or maybe both. You are a good *machine*.

* * *

__hey (1), I’m gonna change my ‘icon’ here. Don’t be scared by the new one. I have my ups and downs too (+spring), you know. BTW, when are you going to «add an RSS feed» in your blog?
__hey (2), the ‘face carved on stone’ man is fun; I assume he is the one who wrote the «mechanical analysis» under «Ikaria #160 in Flickr. You are right, ‘stone man’. Me, I see things in a much smaller scale -«micro-mechanics», that’s me, hehe 😉

Friday April 7, 2006 – 08:21pm (EEST)

Yes, it is I Nana. It’s OK that you see the micro and I the macro, because of course there are worlds within worlds. Elle I think sees both.

Friday April 7, 2006 – 11:20am (PDT)

yes there’s a big storm. BIG WIND bends trees, dries the land and the sea is white (photo-squalls x 5). There will be rain, they say, in the weekend.

yes, by some miracle there’s power. It’s perhaps because the local elections are getting nearer (October). No electricity, no votes, so simple.

yes, I’m a housewife (machine). I behave like that whenever I feel at home. Economy (Oikonomy), Ecology (Oikology) and (N)Oikokyra, the Greek word for «housewife» derive from the same «OIKOS» =house, foyer, habitat.

yes, me too like the «Jupiters» of this world and humour such as e.g. «poems, flowers, sounds and senses etc. and you can open a can with it too» -lol : I’m thinking of writing «A Poet’s Survival Handbook». What da ya tank av dat?

yes, (thanks ‘greg’) I see both. I’m so glad I followed a wise uncle of mine’s advice «1st rule: earn your own daily loaf of bread! -no other rules.»

yes, work, work, work, Nana, come Easter holiday Ikaria play x x x

*who’s going to guess who is the goddess who «eats herself in public» ? A tip for those who know Greek: think of my name… *

Friday April 7, 2006 – 01:17pm (PDT)

«Pasiphae», the «eat all of herself» is the Waning Moon, the particular goddess who governs the particular phase of the waning of the moon. In common everyday Greek the moon is «fegari». This is a figurative word describing a property: it shines and lightens. The «good» Greek word for the moon is «Selini» or in some ancient texts «Selana». It means something like «aurora». The Greeks call themselves ‘Elines’ which used to be «Selines» =the tribe of the moon. As it usually happens it was their enemies who called them by this name, because the ‘Elines’ walked (raided and invaded) at night under the moonlight and they were not afraid of the demons of the darkenesses.
You name is «Eleni», the same word actually as «Selini», the particular goddess of the particular phase of the full moon -in popular lore «the face of the woman we see on the round disk of the moon». Very strong name, this is why it was given to the Beautiful Helen of Troy and then to one of the most powerful female saints of Christianity, Roman Empress and Holly Woman, Saint Helen.

ουφ τέλειωσα -τι κερδίζω;

Νανα, τρομερή εικόνα ! Παναγία μου ! Μόνο που σε μικρό είναι πολύ σκοτεινή. Την είδα που άλλαζε ενώ έγραφα «comment». Είσαι «on line»; Το Σάββατο βράδυ τα «αγρίμια» δεν βγαίνουν στην πόλη;

Saturday April 8, 2006 – 10:09pm (EEST)

κερδιζεις ενα CD με τη ‘Σονατα υπο το Σεληνοφως’ του Μπετοβεν και την αγαπη μου, αγγελε-φυλακα που ξερεις κ 5 γραμματα.

Saturday April 8, 2006 – 01:07pm (PDT)

ze nnews im mbrief

βουλωμενη μυτη

ze nnews im mbrief

-> I have a cold, I have a sore throat, I have a headache, I have dry lips, I have a red nose, I have red eyes and they are running. I have a dribbling mouth. I have a lot of toilet paper and the waste paper basket is by my side. I empty it every 4 hours. The content will be good fertilizer for the garden.

-> I don’t have fever. I don’t have cramps. I don’t have stomachache. I don’t have diarrhoea. I don’t have bird flu.

-> I don’t have malaria. I don’t have two red hot iron bars in my nostrils (I’ve checked it in the mirror).

window 22 Ikaria

ozer mnews im mbrief

-> I can write & I can think too -very hard, slowly and exclusively about my nose, but I can think.

-> I can’t smoke. I can’t have coffee. I can’t eat. I can’t remember what french fries (Ikarian style -my favorite) taste like.

here iz zome mbore mnews

-> I delivered the final draft of something and it was well received.

-> I went out to see a piece of land (a cliff actually). I liked that piece of land.

-> I met the man with the earth mover (bulldozer) who is going to make a road to the land I liked.

He is going to destroy at least half of the beauty of that land (not to mention that the road will be very risky and probably slide down and disappear altogether), however the price of the land will rise because it will be ‘accesible’ then.


-> In spite everything I liked that man!?! ^^’ 

These 4 factors combined together undermined and weakened my (overloaded) system, so I caught a virus (as it usually happens with me) and now I’m running on «safety mode» tzzz krk krk bzizk apstchou !…

+ zome goodz mnews

-> today waz ze firzt day of zpring. «Earini Isimeria» = equal day-equal night. Εαρινή Ισημερία.

-> many ozers too, not only me, are ill, the zame az me.

-> I got rid of the idea that I am harming the tourism of Ikaria with my pictures in Flickr.

-> Someone is coming tonight to rub my back with warm alcohol. I will be allowed (and I’ll allow myself) to groan, sigh & moan during the process. I’ll be allowed (and allow myself) to be ill.

more zome other day

iz enybody interezted in reading ze story ov my life?

I feel like writing ze story ov my life rightz now. Or maybe it’z becauze I’m ill.

I’ll thimk amboud it ndomorrow.


😘 😚


😜 😝


P.S. did you know? I was going to post that photo of the sea here anyway but then as I opened my Ikaria 139blog I saw the last of Jimmy P’s comments. I dedicate this photo to him. No one should deprive anyone of such a view of the sea. It must remain public.




(7 total)

Grazie 1000 per la dedica, sono onorato.

Wednesday March 22, 2006 – 01:41am (CET)

Get well soon, El! It’s difficult to read the blog when you type with a stuffy nose  😉

Telling your life story, eh? That sounds like it has a bit more soul-stealing potential than a photograph to me.

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 10:22pm (EST)

The sea is endless, life is not, that’s what it means.

Tuesday March 21, 2006 – 07:39pm (PST)

μπερασντικά !
Είμαι γκι εγκώ γκρυωμένος γκαι η μπύντη μου είναι μπουλωμμένη.
We look forward for spring and here’s what we get… hahaha

Wednesday March 22, 2006 – 01:04pm (EET)

There is terrific tempest of the equinox blowing right now right here. I won’t go out to take pictures. I’m staying in drinking tsipouro (like ‘grapa’ hey Jimmy?) in warm water with honey. Good medicine… Felicia, my cat, sings me her songs. She is pregnant.

Thursday March 23, 2006 – 03:49am (PST)

iv it heppns agen, edd sam sinnamon barrk & a fiu cloves 2 ze hottt tsipouromelo… «u uil rimembrr mi» 😛

Wednesday May 13, 2009 – 10:03pm (EEST)

copied that 😌 tanx

Wednesday May 13, 2009 – 12:38pm (PDT)

«the rain in Ikariain falls mainly on the mountains»


Ikaria After the storm 1

BAD: the electric network is old and very badly maintained, so lightnings
cause many blackouts.

Ikaria After the storm 2

GOOD: the lightnings show superwow in a blackouted landscape at night.


SO-SO: I tried to take a picture of a lightning and of course I failed. I mean, it didn’t come up as good as I expected. I also captured the rain on the trees and the strange light in the sky.

P.S. I may catch pneumonia with these acrobatics one day. I will not be my fault. It will be yours, oh my readers ! Start collecting money for my hospitalization…



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Μια χαρά είναι η αστραπή σου! «Ρομφαία» όπως την αποκαλείς!!!
Πολύ πετυχημένο!


Wednesday March 15, 2006 – 10:59pm (EET)

the squall photos * το ραγάνι


Το σλάιντ απαιτεί την χρήση JavaScript.


Ήλιε μου στο βασιλεμό θέ να σου παραγγείλω
-ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα-
να πάεις να μου χαιρετάς το κόκκινό μου μήλο.
Ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα,
ε, γιαλελί κακούργα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα.


(1st verse tranlated+comments)


Before you set, oh, my sun, I’d like very much to ask you
-durna**, durna, durna, we are caught in the storm-
to go and say hello from me, hello to my red apple.
Durna, durna, durna, we are caught in a storm,
ride on us swift murderess, we are caught in a storm….

* the Greek word for sunset is «helio-vasilema» =when the sun reigns or rules !
I looked it up in all sorts of dictionaries and still this word remains a mystery for me. It’s so common, even used metaphorically. When I stay up late and my eyelids drop, my friends say: «i Eleni vasilepse» =Eleni reigned (where is my realm? the meadows of Morpheus?)
** don’t ask me what «durna» is. It looks like a word similar to «opa», «yasou» or «haide», which are yells of encouragement (to workers, dancers etc.). But it might as well derive from «dur» which is «stop» in Turkish.
So you have: «stop, stop and turn round (sail slower, lower sails -whatever), because we are caught in a storm».

Ήλιε μου ίντα σου ‘κανα και πας να βασιλέψεις
-ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα-
κι αφήνεις με στα σκοτεινά και πας αλλού να φέξεις;
Ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα,
ε, γιαλελί κακούργα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα.


(2nd verse tranlated)


Oh, sun, what have I done to you and now you are setting
-durna**, durna, durna, we are caught in the storm-
and you are leaving me in the dark, you go shining on other places.
Durna, durna, durna, we are caught in a storm,
ride on us swift murderess, we are caught in a storm….

** Don’t ask me what «durna» is. It looks like a word similar to «opa», «yasou» or «haide», which are yells of encouragement (to workers, dancers etc.). But it might as well derive from «dur» which is «stop» in Turkish.
So you have: «stop, stop and turn round (sail slower, lower sails -whatever), because we are caught in a storm».

ride on. squalls, swift murderesses…

These photos go with a story I’m making in my mind and writing down. They are a very important part of one of the three projects I’m working on. They were taken with «fast mode» so they are not good for Flickr. This one in particular is a zoom in of «la tromba marina».


άμε και πάλι γύρισε πουλί μ’ αγαπημένο
-ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα-
και μη μ’ αφήνεις μοναχό και παραπονεμένο
Ντούρνα, ντούρνα, ντούρνα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα,
ε, γιαλελί κακούργα, μας έπιασε φουρτούνα.


Go, my beloved bird, make sure you come back to me again
-durna**, durna, durna, we are caught in the storm-
don’t leave me here to whine all lonely,
oh, ride on us swift murderess, we are caught in a storm….

dedicated to ImageNana who sailed away this evening
(ας το καλο .. η Ελενη το γερακι του Αιγαιου κ.τλ., μη χ…, με πηραν τα ζουμια Imageσαν συναχωμενη κοτα -συγνωμη αναγνωστες.)
And let me tell you another thing. I don’t care what ‘durna’ means really. For me right now ‘durna’ is ‘rentres’, ‘retournes’

And I like to think of the ship in these photos that it is the
«‘Je Reviens Toujours»‘ ^^’

..Finally the original version of the song is…




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helio vasilema – interesting! I figured I’d look in the classical dictionaries, but all I found was this:


So, in ancient days basileuo meant «rule» only. No mention of it ever used with the sun or with eyes. Perhaps someone decided that the end of the day is when the sun conquers the sky, and from that meaning it got the eyes closing idea. (yeah, that’s quite a stretch)

Saturday March 4, 2006 – 01:59am (EST)

Or is the sun returning to its kingdom beyond the West?

Is Dari Dari similar to Dourna Dourna? (In that other sea-song).

Saturday March 4, 2006 – 10:53am (GMT)

(* I use ‘tufts’ too!)
(** «Streched» is a good key to unlock Greece)
(*** semiotics is another good key but it takes skill and wisdom)
(**** no, «dari-dari» is something like «yeah-yeah, shake it baby». «Durna» sounds like a military or marine command. You have to hear a Turkish policeman say «dur» and you know.)
A BRIGHT IDEA ! (confirm AKK, please…): the king was associated with purpple colour in the middle ages. So you had the «purple born ones» for the royal family because they lived in rooms painted in purple . A sunset is purple. The sun goes to bed in his purple room. The sun is a byzantine emperor.
(help!! have I gone too far with «images»?)

Sunday March 5, 2006 – 04:02am (PST)

Confirmation? I’d give you 3 PhDs for that !
No kidding Ele ! you found it ! I can’t believe it !
Have you read about it or is it intuition? Such a long shot, so succesful !
Ο ήλιος βασιλεύει (o ilios vasilevi) =the sun retires in his purple coloured quarters. These rooms were legendary. The walls were covered with silk dyed in the «true purple» colour -extracted from the seashell ‘purpura persica’. Only kings could wear or live in that colour (I mean the ‘true purple’, not just ‘rich’ deep red). But about all that you can read in many books. From this to the point of undestanding the connection between a sunset and the purple imperial rooms of Byzance… it takes a … (I don’t know what it takes…)

Sunday March 5, 2006 – 09:27pm (EET)

Haven’t I said purple is one of my favourite colours? I know a lot about it. Though that was a very long shot and thanks for the confirmation and the 3 PhDs. The original idea came from my old neighbour. Once she said that farmers of the old days in Ikaria went to bed right after the sunset when the sky was purple. They were satisfied and the felt like the kings and queens who were «born in the purple rooms» of the palace in Constantinople.
There are many medieval traditions surviving in the islands of the Aegean sea. Warm human stuff… «true purple» colour like the island’s wine.

Monday March 6, 2006 – 12:26pm (PST)

More Comments

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Do you know who are these swift killers after these days?
Who get caught in squalls and die at sea after sunset these days? Who beg the sun not to set?

Friday March 3, 2006 – 02:50pm (PST)

powerful stuff Eleni….

Saturday March 4, 2006 – 12:23am (GMT)

  • greg

I think I’m not giving you the answer you seek, but being from a family of sailors, I can say it is fishermen and sailors who fear the storm. As we say here, red sky at night, sailor’s delight, red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning.

Friday March 3, 2006 – 04:48pm (PST)

Of course, the sailors and fishermen -pirates and smugglers too. But I’m thinking of (and weeping over) something else.
That was the reason I fixed and put for an ID that «CD cover» photo with the lighthouse.


Sunday March 5, 2006 – 03:43am (PST)

Έλεος ! θα μας σκάσεις! που το πας; ποιούς σκοτώνουν σήμερα τα ραγάνια όταν βραδιάζει; Πες μας, αν αγαπάς.

Sunday March 5, 2006 – 09:21pm (EET)

μεγαλη επιτυχια, αν καταφερα να σε κανω να κοντευεις να σκασεις… Εχω τωρα τη Ν στο σπιτι και δεν βρισκω ευκαιρια να γραψω τη συνεχεια.

Monday March 6, 2006 – 12:24pm (PST)

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  • Jimmy P

what I love in this blog is his multilingual mode: you are greek and write in english as everibody do as it was obvious.
sometimes you talk in greek, you’re right: it’s your langage… and now you call your story «la tromba marina»: this is my idiom! allegria! viva la multiculturalità, viva i popoli provenienti da paesi diversi che si prendono simbolicamente per mano grazie all’incredibile intervento di internet! maintenant je suis tres curious de connaitre l’histoire de la tromba et je veux tu la conte in francais pourquoi personne parle jamais les mots de Depardieu et je suis secure il nous regarde. A bientot Gerard!

Tuesday March 7, 2006 – 01:57am (CET)

D’ accord, mon fou de la Magna Grecia. Je vais raconter l’ histoire en Francais aussi. Depardieu (j’ai failli ecrire ‘Depart-dieu’) a joue Jean Val Jean aux ‘Miserables’. C’est tres a propos.

Tuesday March 7, 2006 – 12:51pm (PST)

  • Ψαλακ…

Heu Heu! Tot linguae in una loca collectae sunt.

Knew that degree in classics would come in handy one day.

Tuesday March 7, 2006 – 07:59pm (EST)

quite right -I don’t know how I’d survive from my work and my social life without the classics whispering in my ear in 3 different lang. Hip-hop helps a lot too, btw (sorry classics!)

Wednesday March 8, 2006 – 01:03pm (EET)

Eleni I forgot and didn’t tell you in Ikaria that translating ‘gialeli’ as ‘ride on us’ is genius !
Durna or Turna is the Turkish word for «crane», the beautiful migrating bird!!! ^^’
The song is about migration, homesickness and love ❤ ❤ ❤

Wednesday March 8, 2006 – 01:07pm (EET)

The Island


The Island

Does the wind sing in your ears at night, in the town,
Rattling the windows and doors of the cheap-built place?
Do you hear its song as it flies over marsh and down?
Do you feel the kiss that the wind leaves here on my face?
Or, wrapt in a lamplit quiet, do you restrain
Thoughts that would take the wind’s way hither to me,
And bid them rest safe-anchored, nor tempt again
The tumult, and torment, and passion that live in the sea?

I, for my part, when the wind sings loud in its might,
I bid it hush—nor awaken again the storm
That swept my heart out to sea on a moonless night,
And dashed it ashore on an island wondrous and warm
Where all things fair and forbidden for ever flower,
Where the worst of life is a dream, and the best comes true,
Where the harvest of years was reaped in a single hour
And the gods, for once, were honest with me and you.

I will not hear when the wind and the sea cry out,
I will not trust again to the hurrying wind,
I will not swim again in a sea of doubt,
And reach that shore with the world left well behind;
But you,—I would have you listen to every call
Of the changing wind, as it blows over marsh and main,
And heap life’s joys in your hands, and offer them all,
If only your feet might touch that island again!

Edith Nesbit

(There seemed to be someting wrong with my blog
and I couldn't post an entry I had prepared.
Then suddenly I received this as a gift through the net.
So I'm posting this instead of a test entry.
It's so appropriate... Thanks Greg !)


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You don’t have crowds of friends in you blog, but those you have, are worth hundreds !
I know you about to post the «unpublished» squall photos here. If this junk.., oops, sorry, I meant your «pretty orange bicycle» works, I suggest you add some Greek verses to this series of photos.

Thursday March 2, 2006 – 01:16pm (EET)

tonnere detruit -February 21, 2006

during the weekend there was rain and rain and all of a sudden a thunderbolt hit the telephone cables of my lazy quiet valley.

I was not there. I was ‘downtown’ scaring people in the bars.

Next morning my modem was jammed. I called Nana on the mobile and she told me a tip (a crazy, ugly thing to do to your modem, so I’m not telling anyone else) and my modem worked again.

So here I am back. Have I missed anything?



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Yes Elle, the world spun around a few more times and lots happened, some of it beautiful, some of it sad, and some of it both beautiful and sad. But may impose on you a question or two? Athina, is she Nana? And Angelos, do I recall you mentioned he is an editor? If so, may I ask an editor of what? He is also a builder of trails?

Tuesday February 21, 2006 – 10:43am (PST)

iiiiiiii :::::: …I told you to open the lid of the modem, push and hold down a button for 5 «. This is called ‘reset’. It’s not «a crazy and ugly thing» to do to a modem !
It wasn’t in the manual, that’s all. The same with your car, the manual doesn’t say «if it doesn’t start, go out and push» !
Btw, I’m coming down to Ik. I want to go around dressed as the ‘real me’ not the opposite. I’ll be a robot with many hidden lids and hidden buttons and ..no manual !!!

Athina=(Athi)..na= Na-na
(like Emile Zola’s book, though I don’t earn my bread like that ‘Nana’.)
P.S. an Ikarian boy calls me with a heavy «(…th)…n..n..nnaaA»

Tuesday February 21, 2006 – 10:41pm (EET)

Elle, Theodorakis was inspired by Ikaria for his «Carnaval» – did it have the same effect on you? Is that why you went?
PS – Greg, I think Angelos builds many different paths – routes to the heart of Ikaria, but not just hiking trails … tell me I am right El?

Tuesday February 21, 2006 – 10:02pm (GMT)

Ah, of course! Athina, «Nana,» glad to meet the both of you!

Tuesday February 21, 2006 – 03:44pm (PST)

nana, don’t play ‘kraftwerk’ girl to me. I know you have a soul. It may look like one of your little machines, but everybody’s souls have to look like something ::

Wednesday February 22, 2006 – 03:05am (PST)

αααααα»»»»»»»»» νανουλα «»»»αγαπη μου»»»
ερχεσαι Ικαρια :::::::: Καθαρη Δυετερα?
τωρα το καταλαβα

Wednesday February 22, 2006 – 12:44pm (PST)

Eleni’s Carnival in Ikaria


Eleni's Carnival in Ikaria, Decrepit Dance, mocking the myth of longevity


Image Image Image Image

I don’t know if it was out of place and rather ‘un-Greek’ to speak about an investment ‘in green’, but I don’t have to be born and brought up in Greece to understand CARNIVAL !It’s just broke out here and it took me by surprise because I had forgotten about it and now I have to catch up!
In Carnival here they don’t wear costumes. They dress up as their opposites -to their opposite’s grotesque extremes! So kids dress like old (in ugliest, most degenerate, etc.), men dress and behave like women (with as big as possible stress on the weakenesses of the sex), women make like men (the same stress on the weak side) -I repeat: to their grotesque most colorful extremes!
So you see a respectable tradesman appear as a nymphomanian bride, a beautiful young girl be a black hairy gorilla and the carpenter of the village dig out an impossible costume and show up as Lord of Bam-boum-burry 🙂 Obscenity, liberality and wild dance are allowed (even encouraged), on condition (repeat) on condition that the ‘mascarades‘ or (local) ‘moutsounarides‘ are dressed up and covered so well that they can’t be recognized. If the are (repeat) if they are recognized, either they either leave or find very fast a different way to be funny -which is very hard and takes a real actor to do.
I am going to…
Oh no ! I’m not going to tell you what I’ll dress up like !
I’m just saying what I said before; that I am going to be my opposite -to the grotesque extreme!


Carnaval 2009 Carnaval 2008



I’ll be lost- not to be found for 3 days -I hope.
Sorry readers !

(Send me the map next week, will you?)
(By then I may be good girl
Eleni again.)



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Nana’s recipe: buy the least fresh, cheapest fish, one that’s as dead as a fish can be (use Felicia to test -the fish must be really rotten). Boil it in very little water on a very slow fire for about an hour (2 hours is the best but then it’s inhuman – in that case If I were you, I’d use a timer or a remote control or switch off the plugs of the house to turn off the fire. You wouldn’t do that manually.) Now the scum should be unbearable and you know that you have the best all-natural, chemical-free «super-dead-fish-glue»!!!


With a mask or (better) a clip on your nose, take away the fish bones, and add and stir in some flour, if you want your glue to be thicker.


Nana’s super glue can attach hair (like whiskers, moustache, beard, armpit hair and other) just any kind of fiber on your skin. It wouldn’t be torn off or drop off never mind how much you move, grim or perspire. The super fish glue will also grant you a super dead fish smell which will enchant your partners in carnival and it will keep them in a safe distance from you so that they don’t even think of trying to uncover your face. Thus you will be able to act as crazy as you like.


Saturday February 18, 2006 – 12:46am (EET)


Wow! You Greeks are insane! The only costume-appropriate occasion we Americans have is Halloween (Oct. 31) but that doesn’t sound remotely similar (children going door-to-dooor for candy). Even Halloween is routinely a cause of controversy with out more conservative citizens (the ones who elected our president). Each year there are an increasing number of articles in the news about how it’s unchristian devil-worship, authored by folks who wouldn’t know a good time if it bit them on the ass. So, on that note, Happy Carnival!! Wish I was there.

Sunday February 19, 2006 – 12:12am (EST)

I see you are getting prettier and prettier and more romantic with time! Do you also smell of Nana’s ‘super dead fish glue’? Remove that photo, or I may be in love with you!

Sunday February 19, 2006 – 01:04pm (EET)

I won’t remove it! I want you all to fry in the fires of passion for me!

Sunday February 19, 2006 – 04:19am (PST)

We shall have to refer to this phenomenon when we discuss «drama in life» again. It is very therapeutic, Ο γιατρος approves.

Monday February 20, 2006 – 02:51pm (GMT)

Acknowledgements & Confessions & Technical Doubts


All wet after the sea and sleeping over with the cat

Image Acknowledgements
First I’d like to thank everyone of my silent readers. I’d like to meet you all and shake your hands.
Then I’d like to thank S. who understands drama like noone else I know and he is so quick to respond to it. Eeh, look out! by drama we don’t mean broken hearts and everybody dead in the end, ok? a comedy is drama too. I’d love to work with and I’d have to learn a lot from a person like you…
I’d like to thank ɢ because he is a man of good taste, high principles and global views. I will always wonder how you found me, so don’t bother to explain how it happened.
I’d like to thank ᴀ, my guardian angel, as well as many others’. Who’s your guardian angel? I’d like to know that.
M, N, J, I already feel that we are very close to each other, with everyone of you for a different reason. ‘Thank you’ would sound too formal.

Image Confessions
Why am I writing this? I’m not going to commit suicide. I’m writing it because I have to confess that I’m not a real writer and I have never made a book. I’m a script writer and I work for TV ! OK, I have studied a lot, the classics and the moderns and the post-moderns and I’ve taken courses in anything under the sun (the sun? of Brussels?) and I can speak 3,5 languages, but my first job was in a TV studio and I was the script girl in a soap opera. More about it in some future entry in this blog. I just wrote this for you to know (and I’m very sorry if I have dissapointed anybody) that I’m not some kind of big shot writer in disguise.

Ben bof ουφ -I’ve said it!

Image Technical Doubts
Now, here are my doubts. I shot some reeaaly veeery interesting seascapes the other day with the storm. Then today I spent a lot of time in front of my screen watching them and wondering what to do. They look weird. D’you know why? I had covered the lense with car grease! There was so much salt dust and snow and spray, so I was afraid that my camera would catch some severe cold and rust and get electronic flu. The first photos I took were destroyed and came out as «photos from a shipwreck»,  because I was so worried to protect my camera that I didn’t see the waves coming on me or the loose earth at the brow of the cliff. So I had to do something. No want no miss such a storm. Not to mention that I was all wet and I didn’t want to waste my wet situation (and possible pneumonia) for nothing and bugle retreat.

Then I remembered I read somewhere that some times professionals use vaseline. They use it for filter for the lense in chemical cameras, but what the h-, the conditions were so extreme and spectacular, so I had a fit of megalomania and thought of doing something like it . I couldn’t find no vaseline there (and I wouldn’t ask for it in the village ‘just like that’ -what would they think of me?) But I thought that a car can provide so many useful raw materials for a survivor. What’s next like vaseline? Motor grease ! I have a small can with thick yellow grease of excellent quality in my car. I’ve been told to use it to cover the tires so that they do not crack when the car stays for long in the sun. I’m not sure if I was told right, so I hardly ever use it and the can was there almost intact. So with my fingertip I put a thick drop on the glass of the lence in hope that it was transparent. And the rest I used to cover the joints of the movable parts.
My camera worked fine in the spray and then I was able to clean it from the grease, but …. my photos came out in a light yellow hue!


thalassograph 2thalassograph 2thalassograph 3thalassograph 4thalassograph 6thalassograph 7

I might post them. Writing this makes me feel like posting my «thalassographs». So see you in Flickr.


Image Ελένη

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From the TV stage to the wild seas and storms of the Aegean sea… It makes sense now…

Thursday February 9, 2006 – 02:50pm (PST)

There’s no shame in writing for TV. I’d wager that the average line on TV get’s 10 times as much audience as the average line of print.
Lovely cat there! That girl should try not to catch a cold!

Friday February 10, 2006 – 12:12am (EST)

You really taking off ! From now on I’ll call you a ‘pocket size all terrain 2×2 intellectual’. How about that?
What a photo!!!!

Friday February 10, 2006 – 11:17am (EET)

No problem with TV! Loved the story and the photos!

Friday February 10, 2006 – 10:01am (GMT)

My compliments!

Friday February 10, 2006 – 06:24am (PST)

Thank you everybody! 🥰 Felicia says hello ☺

Friday February 10, 2006 – 02:30pm (PST)