Map of a long hike on the ridge of mt. Atheras, Ikaria, featuring in my article:
In May the fog in the Aegean is PURPLE !

Ikaria ridge fog-1

Last weekend a group of 40 mountaineers from Athens came in Ikaria and walked on the mountain range from one side of the island to the other. I intended to meet them or rather find them somewhere along their way to «spy» on them.

Ikaria ridge fog-2

That is, to follow them from a distance just to enjoy the sight. «People in Landscape» : a theme that I have an obsession with….
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2 Σχόλια on “5day-hike-map_sm”

  1. .
    Kalimera Eleni!

    🙂 ^^’
    You have to know that ten long years after that hike and the making of this map the document appeared in Zdenek’s site in his detailed article about Atheras ridge!

    Besides that, several of the pictures of the Ikarian ridge in the article are ours, most of them borrowed from this set:


    EPOS FILIS in Ikaria - Photos © Ilias Nokas

    🙂 ^^’

    Μου αρέσει!


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