I’m back & sea turtles! •·.·´¯`·.·•. •·.·´¯`·.·•☀


Sea Turtle, ancient Greek silver coin



Two days ago and I’m back in Ikaria and I am taking part in my own cleansing ritual as always In my blog: A pink woolen baby hood - Ενα ροζ μωρουδίστικο σκουφακι' early in the morning and after that I put something on and lie on the sand and I am tired and I drowse off and although it was cold earlier, now the sun rises higher and I wake up from the heat, and I think I’m dreaming baby sea turtle october ikaria 1‘cause next to my waist, and my left thigh small black creatures emerge from the sand hot babes and they look as if made of rubber and they are six or seven (maybe there were more while I was asleep) and they crawl and paddle towards the sea – because they are newly born baby sea turtles!!! baby sea turtle october ikaria 2
😊 😍
And I jump on my feet and one more baby crawls out of the sand from the spot where I had laid my head and I’m trying to reach my camera while I’n also trying to keep my pareo around my waist and the camera drops on the sand and I am wasting time to clean it and I think that I’m screaming -from baby sea turtle october ikaria 3 impatience, excitement and joy…
😖 😆 😄
And I open the lid of the lens and I finally take three good shots!!!
📷 😤
Bravo, chelonakia!
Bravo, baby sea-turtles!
Thanks for the short crazy momentmy shadow on the sand
I felt you were my own little brats!!!


Now in case some of you thought I am some kind of animal enchanter ☺ – according to latest records, loggerhead sea turtles are not uncommon in the eastern Aegean islands, including Ikaria, and that in spite the fact that we don’t have many appropriate sandy beaches. Several friends have seen nests and even witnessed mothers laying eggs.

Sea turtles in the surf, from Nana to agrimi's article '∩oso ∩ια Vα?'Turtle tale, a set by angeloska on FlickrCaretta-caretta eggs in Syrtiko beach near Agios Kyrikos, a set by Giorgos Sourtis on FlickrERT: (article in Greek) 'Και οι καρέτα – καρέτα επισκέπτονται την Ικαρία'

But I think I was the first person on the island that baby Sea turtles in the Aegeansea turtles hatched and crawled out of the sand right under my body!

Ikaria 22/10/2016

≅ river 2003 ≅


aqua1006 (msaz) - Ikaria 2003 Seeing pictures of those new girls as they went around and posed proudly in the wild nature of Ikaria last summer, I said: «Hey, young ladies! We were there long before you!» Not that -goes without saying- we were the first. We don’t claim a title which righteously belongs to the hippies. But we were the first who took photos and shared them with the world. Retracting my memories, I had even made a drafty webpage in 2004 where I described the magic of one of those places -the best in my opinion in the whole island. «Hike Chalares, canyon of my heart», was the title, if I am not mistaken. I had received critisism for that page, critisism of the kind, «You shouldn’t give out secrets» and so on. But I was sure of my step. Wonders of nature shouldn’t be kept secret. The same goes for «pockets of freedom», they shouldn’t be kept secret either. But this is not the issue today. The issue today is that, twelve years after that day of September when we walked up bravely for almost the whole length of that river, today that I am not as young and posy as I was in 2003, I am sharing again with the world some of the material stored in the poor memory card of our obsolete Casio Exilim which could contain no more than 20 hi-res shots. But first let me review a few stories about the river – the scenery where these shots where taken.
♦ ♦ ♦  As I said, in 2003 we visited the canyon to survey the location and take photos. Besides sport and fun, our purpose was to a evaluate: «Was it as beautiful as they said? And if so, what kind of threats to the environment were there?».
♦ ♦ ♦  Having proven that Chalares was an amazing place, having shown that inspite it was September, there was plenty of water and the vegetation was lush, having warned that the sides of the hills were infested by disastrous free-grazing goats, I suggested that a hiking trail was created in order to put in value the beauty of the canyon and hopefully promote its protection.
♦ ♦ ♦  My appeal was heard and in 2005 a large trail network spread in the area. In addition, the large river pool which appears in the photos below was chosen for a very interesting experiment: the construction of a small environment-friendly semipermeable dam, meant to slow down the flow of the river and give new strengh to the vegetation.
♦ ♦ ♦  But though in the coming years the canyon got to be more and more known, visited and enjoyed, the main threat to its environment was not treated.
Unfortunately the goats were always there. As a matter of fact, for reasons that don’t concern this review, there were even more! As a result, exactly five years ago, in October 18, 2010, when a torrential rainfall hit the western part of the island, the overgrazed, barren and unstable sides of the lower part of the canyon collapsed. Tons of earth and rocks were carried by the water smashing the trees  and wiping out all vegetation, leveling the lakes, transforming what used to be a detailed natural handiwork into a flat highway of gravel and sand.
Today is the black anniversary of that disaster. For older girls like me it is a bitter reminder that it takes much more things than just good intentions for paradise to happen. For younger girls I hope it is a lesson to be learned, I am afraid, only through experience. I am spreading my winds (which have started to turn grey) over their pretty heads and I am dedicating to them seven pictures from that blissful day of 2003 in the river when it was rich, when it was green, when it was mine. For better or worse it’s their turn now.
The following photos were heavily processed using different methods in different periods of time. In this entry, as they always should, they appear their real «order taken», which is «in order of feelings»: curiosity, worry, happiness, pride, relaxed bliss, anxiety, humility. Their titles in Flickr are different but if you move your mouse over each picture, you will be able to know which is which.
That’s all. Let the old show begin again! ^^’










relaxed bliss






Copyright © Eleni Ikanou

The Scholarship – Η Υποτροφια


Αμοργός by Eleni Ikanou on Flickr

The Scholarship **

 While I was studying I almost suffered a total physical and mental breakdown and a nicotine poisoning as well. Until one day, coming back from the tabac shop, I found my room locked with a locket. Outside my room stood my grandmother with a waist-purse in hand. “Take this. You’ll find 50.000 drachmas in it and your papers. You’ll also find an Olympic Airlines ticket to Greece. In Pereus there’s a ticket to Ikaria waiting for you at the So&So travel agency. I don’t want to see you earlier than two months from now.” That was all she said, and spoke no more.

I grabbed a dress from the pile with the dirty laundry, a jean jacket from the hanger on the corridor, my beauty case and put it all inside an old military sack that belonged to my father, and fled. I wasn’t even wearing underwear. I was only worried for my flip-flops which were too old and I was afraid they’d tear. And indeed one of them tore, not in Brusseld – thank God – but at Athens airport. I threw them away and stepped on Greek soil barefooted with my head empty smiling like an idiot.

When later I tried to recall the details of that summer, my efforts went in vain. The only thing I recall – probably because it was completely against my nature – was that I couldn’t speak. My grandma who besides being a Bolshevik, was also a Christian and a bit of a witch, while sending me away in that horrid silence of hers something did to me and “struck me dumb.”

I worshipped my grandma and she worshipped me. The conctents of the waist-purse where my scholarship to be able to flee. But the dumbness was a gift to be able to feel the life, so that I wouldn’t die, so that I would live.

Instead of focusing on my mind, I focused on my body and especially… on my feer. Back then there was still in Evdilos a shoe-shop that had shoes piled on the floor. I bought all kinds of absurd, men’s sandals and galoshes. I knocked about the island wearing them, dudes, I literally tore them apart walking!

I suffered a sunstroke twice until the light gradually conquered the demon inside me and while drunk in a fair, I got my speech again, my laghter, my cry. This was exactly 40 days after I had left home. It was back in 1992.

** integral text-
Ελένη Ικάνου

Published on friends’ request in a contest at 



Η Υποτροφια **

Οταν σπουδαζα καποτε κινδινεψα να παθω γενικο colapsus, σωματικο και ψυχικο, επισης και δηλητηριαση απο νικοτινη. Ωσπου μια μερα, επιστρεφοντας απο το tabac, βρηκα το δωματιο μου κλειδωμενο με λουκετο. Απ’ εξω με περιμενε η γιαγια μου με ενα τσαντακι ‘μπανανα» στο χερι. «Παρε αυτο. Εχει μεσα 50.000 δραχμες και τα χαρτια σου. Εχει κι ενα εισιτιριο Ολυμπιακης για την Ελλαδα. Στον Πειραια στο ταδε πρακτοριο σε περιμενει ενα εισιτηριο για Ικαρια. Δεν θελω να σε ξαναδω πριν περασουν δυο μηνες.» Αυτα ειπε και δεν ξαναμιλησε.

Πηρα ενα φουστανι απο τα απλυτα, ενα τζην τζακετ απο τη κρεμαστρα στο διαδρομο και το νεσεσερ μου απο το μπανιο, τα εβαλα σε μια παλιο σακ βουαγιαζ στυλ μιλιτερ του πατερα μου, και την εκανα. Ουτε εσωρουχα δεν φορουσα. Ανησυχουσα μονο για τις σαγιοναρες μου, μηπως κοπουν, γιατι ηταν πολυ παλιες. Και πραγματι κοπηκε η μια, ευτυχως οχι στις Βρυξελες, αλλα στο αεροδρομιο της Αθηνας. Τις πεταξα και πατησα το Ελληνικο εδαφος ξυπολητη και με το μυαλο μου αδειο χαμογελωντας σαν ηλιθια.

Ματαια προσπαθησα αργοτερα να θυμηθω τις λεπτομερειες εκεινου του καλοκαιριου. Το μονο που θυμαμαι -γιατι ηταν εντελως εναντιο στη φυση μου- ηταν οτι δεν μπορουσα να μιλησω. Η γιαγια μου που εκτος απο μπολσεβικα, ηταν και χριστιανη και μαζι λιγακι μαγισα, με την τρομερη, αβασταχτη της σιωπη καθως με εδιωχνε, κατι μου εκανε και «μου πηρε τη λαλια».

Τη λατρεβα τη γιαγια μου και με λατρεβε κι εκεινη. Τα περιεχομενα της μπανανας ηταν υποτροφια για να μπορεσω να φυγω. Η αλαλια ομως ηταν δωρο για να νιωσω τη ζωη, για να μη πεθανω και για να ζησω.

Αντι για το μιαλο μου, επικεντρωθηκα στο σωμα μου και ειδικα …στα ποδια μου. Τοτε ακομα ηταν ενα απιστευτο μαγαζι στο Ευδηλο που ειχε παπουτσια σε σωρους στο πατωμα. Αγορασα διαφορα κουλα αντρικα πεδιλα και μποτες εργατικες. Φοροντας τις, αλονισα το νησι, μιλαμε μαγκες, το εφαγα με το κουταλι!..

Δυο φορες επαθα ηλιαση ωσπου το φως σκοτωσε σιγα-σιγα το δαιμονα και σε ενα πανιγιρι μεθυσμενη ξαναβρηκα τη λαλια μου, το γελιο και το κλαμα μου. Αυτο εγινε στις ακριβως 40 μερες απο τοτε που εφυγα απο το σπιτι μου. Το ετος ηταν το 1992.

** αυτοτελες κειμενο –
Ελένη Ικάνου

Ikaria 075

Δημοσιευτηκε κατα παρακληση φιλων σε διαγωνισμο στο



Καλώς Ήρθατε στην Αντιμύκονο

Welcome to AntiMykonos



Νέα Νήσος Αναδύθηκε
Ανατολικά της Μυκόνου.

Καλώς ήρθατε στην Αντιμύκονο.
Μη την αντιστρέψετε.
Γιατί θα καταστρέψετε
Μια όμορφη αντιδιαστολή.
Απαραίτητη και πολύ βολική.
Γιατί όπου υπάρχει μια Μύκονος,
Υπάρχει και μια Αντιμύκονος.

Δεν θα σπάσουμε τον καθρέφτη
Δεν θα βγούμε από το όνειρο
Στην πραγματικότητα όπου
Όλα είναι Ένα
(Το οποίο είναι πράγμα αβάσταχτο,
τρομερό). Δεν θα βγούμε.
Όχι ακόμα τουλάχιστον.

Καλώς ήρθατε στην Αντιμύκονο,
Το καινούργιο νησί που αναδύθηκε
Φέτος ανατολικά της Μυκόνου.
Για τη δική σας ευκολία
Θερμή παράκληση από τις αρχές:
Περπατάτε στα νύχια.
Όλα είναι Όνειρο.

Eλ. Iκ.
Βγήκε από μια συζήτηση στο γκρουπ των φωτογράφων της Ικαρίας στο Φλικρ.
Φωτο : «around the waterspring, Ikaria« by thedra © All rights reserved
Ikaria 096 by you.


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Νέα Ποιήτρια Αναδύθηκε
Ανατολικά της Μυκόνου…

Friday October 12, 2007 – 12:30pm (EEST)

«Διαδρομές με τα Πόδια στη Δυτική Αντιμύκονο» – Έτσι θα λέγεται νέος χάρτης μονοπατιών που θα βγάλω!
Είσαι χρυσάφι Ελένη!

Και στο τέλος του κειμένου θα γράφει:

«Θερμή παράκληση από τις αρχές:
Περπατάτε στα νύχια.
Όλα είναι Όνειρο.»

Είσαι διαμάντι, Ελένη!

Friday October 12, 2007 – 06:34pm (EEST)

@ Athina : Ναι ρε agrimi. Γινοταν «η αναδυση μου» γι αυτο ειχε φουρτουνα στο Ικαριο και δεν μπορεσατε να περασετε απο τη Μυκονο στην Αντιμυκονο!

@ akk : Αν βαλεις αυτο το τιτλο, ο νεος χαρτης θα σκισει! Γι’ αυτο λεω δεν πρεπει να καταστρέψουμε την Αντιμυκονο. Οχι ακομα τουλαχιστον…

Saturday October 13, 2007 – 03:14am (PDT)

Άντε να πω κι εγώ το καλό μου το λογάκι:

Είσαι αγρίμι, αγρίμι.
Είσαι ζαφείρι, akk.
Eίσαι τρελή, τρελή.

Sunday October 28, 2007 – 04:01pm (PDT)

Eastward of Mykonos
New Island Emerges.

Welcome to Antimykonos
Do not reverse, please.
Because you are going to destroy
A beautiful contradistinction,
Requisite and very convenient,
Because where there is a Mykonos
There must be an Antimykonos.

We are not going to break the mirror
We are not going to get out of the dream
Into the reality where All is One (which
Is thing unbearable, terrible). We are
Not getting out –not getting out yet at least.

Welcome to Antimykonos,
The New Island which emerged
Eastward of Mykonos this year
For your own convenience
Kind request by the authorities:
Walk on the tips of your toes
All is a Dream.


More than deserved a translation. Wrote it in a flow this morning. As I know exactly what you mean, it took me only 10′ :

Tuesday October 30, 2007 – 01:01pm (EET)

Για προσέξτε καλά, μ’ αυτά που κάνετε μπορεί το καινούριο όνομα να πιάσει. Και μετά τι θα γίνει με τον Ίκαρο; Ο καημένος ο Ίκαρος… κλαψ

Tuesday October 30, 2007 – 11:02pm (EET)

If the island has to be destroyed, let at least be destroyed «the right way».

Friday November 2, 2007 – 11:32pm (EET)

Well said!
hehe… this takes blogging…

Saturday November 3, 2007 – 11:23am (PDT)

Just Received Mail from ‘Thedra’
«geia sou eleni,
sorry pou den sou apantisa noritera, alla eixa na mpo sto flickr para para poli kairo!!!!

xairomai pou sou arese toso poli i photo, fisika kai den yparxei problima poy tin xrisimopoiises sto blog (anafereis kai to onoma mou, thanks!).

Fetos to kalokairi itan i proti gora pou piga ikaria kai pragmatika enthousiastika!!! anipomono na epistrepso sintoma!!!Exo polles akoma photos apo to nisi, thelo na anebaso merikes alla den exo brei akoma ton xrono.

Eyxaristo poli kai gia ta kala sou sxolia»

Answer from me:

Α! ωστε εισαι απο Ελλαδα! Εγω ειμαι μονο μιση Ελληνιδα.
Σ’ ευχαριστω για το ευγενικο mail σου. Ειχα φοβηθει οτι ο λογαριασμος σου στο Flickr ηταν ανανενεργος. Η φωτογραφια οχι μονο μου αρεσε παρα πολύ, αλλα μου εδωσε τη καλυτερη, πιο σταθερη βαση για να κολησω από κατω ένα απο τα πιο παραξενα (και ομως αληθινα!) κειμενα που εχω γραψει ποτε. Τοσο ωστε απο τοτε το blog μου σ’ αυτό το σημειο εχει κανει παυση –τιμητικη!
Εχω βγαλει κι εγω πολλες φωτογραφιες με τετοιο υφος και ατμοσφαιρα και με ανθρωπους μεσα. Αλλα δεν τις δημοσιευω. Βλεπεις, περναω πολλους μηνες (τον χειμωνα κυριως) στην Ικαρια και δεν θελω να γινω διασημη (χαχα!..) και να με ενοχλουν. Ετσι η δικη σου φωτογραφια που ενω εισαι ξενη/ος, μοιαζει πολύ με τις δικες μου, με βολεψε παρα πολυ σ’ αυτο το θεμα.
Αυτος ηταν ενας λογος παραπανω να γραψω τη προελευση. Πραγμα το οποιο θα εκανα ετσι και αλλιως, ομως ηταν ενας παραπανω λογος. Δηλαδη, οτι οχι μονο εγω (η κολημενη) πηγαινω σε αυτά τα μυστηριωδη μερη, αλλα υπαρχουν κι αλλοι. Κι αυτο παιζει πολυ μεγαλο ρολο στο να τα προστατεψουμε. Ομως αυτο ειναι μια αλλη ιστορια. Να μη σε ζαλιζω τωρα…
Μην βιαστεις καθολου να ανεβασεις αν εχεις αλλες φωτογραφιες από την Ικαρια. Δεν θα το αντεξω – θα πρεπει να γραψω κι αλλα ποιηματα -χα χα!.. Αν θες και οποτε προλαβεις, προσθεσε στο pool αυτές που εχεις τωρα. Και με την ευκαιρια, ΚΑΛΩΣΟΡΙΣΕΣ ΣΤΟ ΓΚΡΟΥΠ !!
Εεε… αυτά για την ωρα. Τα λεμε, ετσι;

Saturday November 3, 2007 – 12:07pm (PDT)

Κλαπ,κλαπ,κλαπ,κλαπ,κλαπ,κλαπ…(χειροκροτώ με γράμματα η καημένη, μια που ο…σπιτονοικύρης μας – βλ.Yahoo! – δεν επιτρέπει εικονικές αναπαραστάσεις στα σχόλια!)
Χειροκροτώ ώσπου να πονέσουν τα χέρια μου, γιατί βρήκα τη γενιά μου…ο γύφτος!!!(ξέρεις, η παροιμία!)
Πολύ χαίρομαι που συναντηθήκαμε εδώ ένα άλιεν, μια τρελή-διαμάντι, ένα αγρίμι, ένα ζαφείρι κι ένας σούπεργκούφη (η αφεντομουτσουνάρα μου!!!). Ε ρε γλέντια!

Friday December 28, 2007 – 12:14pm (PST)

Express EUROPA



Ikaria – Piraeus – Athens – Thessalonica – Sofia – Budapest –Brussels – Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Brussels – Liege – Brussels – Rotterdam – Budapest – Sofia – Thessalonica – Athens – Piraeus – Ikaria





Ikaria 083



(11 total)

Express EUROPA? And you-are-the-bomber? :- ha ha ha :- What a depressing film!.. But you have the gift to make everything end well. Welcome back!

Monday July 9, 2007 – 12:14pm (EEST)

I shed a happy tear for you and Sideraki.

Tuesday July 10, 2007 – 11:08pm (BST)

2-3 entries more and we turn off the steam. Let’s have a deeep holiday.

Wednesday July 11, 2007 – 11:48am (EEST)

if the engine-expert says so, ok
yes, 2-3 more entries while the engine is still hot
then we go deee-eep *blip*

Wednesday July 11, 2007 – 02:21am (PDT)

Oh yes! Turn off the steam of the engines and heat up the pans! I will eat those potatoe-fries at last!

Thursday July 12, 2007 – 10:25pm (EEST)

Glad to hear you took the express and made it back already! Hope you all enjoy the Meltemi for rest of the Summer. It seems I took the slowest train in the world to get back to the Aegean shores.

Saturday July 14, 2007 – 10:01am (EDT)

Hello Can! Glad to have you around again. So you know what the meltemi is. I didn’t doubt.

Saturday July 14, 2007 – 01:09pm (PDT)

Fly quicker than the mind? Goodness, my muscles are suddenly stiff.

Monday July 16, 2007 – 04:23pm (PDT)

Oh don’t take it too seriously; it’s much harder than it looks. This is just the blog after all. Not the real thing.

Tuesday July 17, 2007 – 01:16pm (PDT)


Wednesday July 18, 2007 – 08:44am (CEST)

pas encore -:))

Saturday July 21, 2007 – 01:10pm (PDT)

Qua poena dunc? Deportatio ad isolam!

Hippie bar, grateful exiled


So, with votes 9/1 the jury (composed of my friends) has decided that I shall be deported “ad isolam”(=to an island). Thank you, jury! Being grateful for your humane decision, let me hang on the walls of my blog this funny, shiny and full of summer warmth picture.


The Greek island of Ikaria in the Aegean Sea, Greece.


It’s a photo by Adam Monk taken in Trapalou, a cove in the southwest of Ikaria, the island where one day I will live as a grateful self-deportee.



summer houseyard



Ευχαριστώ πολύ και το «Ελληνικό δικαστήριο«. Οι καταδικαστικές ψήφοι εκεί ήταν 6/1. Δεν έκλεισα ακόμα τη ψηφοφορία. Μπορείτε ακόμα να ψηφίσετε.







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-the Latin is correct -It was me the member of the jury who voted for solution 4. I don’t want Stavros to take the sea nomore. Lovers should stay together all the time! And a baby boy (today more than ever) needs a father always around. I’m in for a small fishing or sailing boat, though. Men need this distraction. And I love sunbathing on a nice wooden deck.
Friday May 18, 2007 – 10:37pm (EEST)
-about the photo? He, he ..only in Ikaria… The stone hut of a wanna-be hippie. But with a «self-deportee» it’s different. It’s a great photo, btw. It warms me around my waist… 😉
Friday May 18, 2007 – 10:42pm (EEST)

Wild Shots | Eleni's blog in Ikaria

Τι υπέροχη ‘ποινή’ σου επιβάλαμε! Θα χαίρονται τα κόκαλα της γιαγιάς σου! Έκανα αίτηση στο δικαστήριο και θα με ονομάσουν ‘δεσμοφύλακα’ σου!
Φυσικά και θα κάνω κάθε δυνατή κατάχρηση της εξουσίας μου…

Tuesday May 22, 2007 – 01:27pm (EEST)

In a Dilemma

Stavros () is a merchant mariner. He’s been seafaring in the oceans for years and he earns quite a lot of money. Then, now, all of sudden, a shipping agent offers him a job in a small cargo that sails round the coasts of Greece in the Ionian and the Aegean seas. His salary will be much less and he will probably have to say goodbye to his career, but he will be in Greece! In this case, however, I wouldn’t be able to stop working (as I was planning to do some day), because the money he is going to earn, will not be enough for the three of us. It’s not that I mind work, on the contrary; but my work involves a lot of traveling. Therefore, if Stavros accepts the offer, he will stay in Greece, but I will not be there!

What do we do?

1) Stavros moves to Greece and takes the small coaster cargo; I (must) go on working and traveling. Our baby is brought up by his parents. In this case I will miss my baby and I will miss Stavros too. Moreover I will be very jealous of him sailing around the Greek islands without me. I will also miss Greece (though I’m used to this -more or less).

2) Stavros goes seafaring as before; I stop working travels and I live on his money in Greece. I become a good “sailor’s wife”. In this case I will miss Stavros and I will miss my job and my independence.

3) Stavros goes seafaring as before; I work and travel as before. Our baby is brought up by his parents. I will miss my baby, I will miss Stavros, I will miss Greece –everything! But we will be both independent -two very mature individuals.

4) Both of us give up our work and we decide to stay together forever. We will miss our jobs. We will also miss the money.

5) Stavros takes the small coaster. I give up my work –the traveling part. We live on much less money. Maybe I set a household in Ikaria. I will miss Stavros –but not much. I will miss the traveling –but not much. About my job we have the internet but I will miss the thrill –the action in real time. Maybe not much?

What do we do?
solution 1
solution 2
solution 3
solution 4
solution 5


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To senario 3 mou thymnizei to tragoudi «to Savvato mporeis???nai alla den mporw egw»….
To senario 5 mou fainetai pio pithano….
Enw ta senaria pou eswkleioun anatrofi mwrou apo goneis syzyx mallon ta apokleiw. Me olo to sympatheio pistevw pws kapote tha psaxneis to mwro poy egine enilikas me allounou sinitheies………
Den gnwrizw ti akrivws douleia kaneis alla ean mporeis na tin kaneis mesw diktyou pistevw pws tha se voithisei na megalwseis to «diko»sou mwro…..
Alla telika afto den einai 2-limma einai 5-limma….
Kali dynami se oti apofasi ki an pareis pantws……

Thursday May 3, 2007 – 11:20pm (PDT)

Solution 1: 2 misses + 0,5 (for jealousy) + 0,2 (for missing Greece) = 2,7
Solution 2: 2 misses + 0,5 (loss of independence) = 2, 5
Solution 3: 3 misses = 3
Solution 4: 2 misses (x 2) = 4
Solution 5: 3 x 0,5 misses = 1,5 + 0,5 (for various small misses) = 2

The answer is Solution 5

Friday May 4, 2007 – 10:26am (EEST)

I wish we could reduce our choices to maths like that! Five it is then…
(As a foreigner in France, I know how insoluble these things can be… you of course should pay no attention to us!)

Friday May 4, 2007 – 12:43pm (CEST)

yes, it’s a stupid rough cut nonsense and Nana was right to point it out with her calculations. It’s typical of her: wild sarcastic irony. Life doesn’t work like this. Yet, putting everything down, helps a lot. And it makes a story too.
Solution 5 is obviously the best, though it will mean a completely DIFFERENT WAY OF LIFE. But we must change. Thus his majesty Sultan Sideris (our baby) decreted…

Friday May 4, 2007 – 01:12pm (PDT)

Changes aren’t permanent Eleni. If number 5 feels right now, then go with it. It can be reviewed in a couple of years when his majesty has grown a little.

PS It is Rowan’s 2nd birthday today – already it has all changed so much since she was Sideris’s age and although my horizon’s haven’t broadened in reality, I feel that in theory they could do so more easily.
Set up a house on Ikaria – it would be a wonderful thing for Sideris. I will be very jealous though, as I would love to do the same with Rowan!

Friday May 4, 2007 – 10:59pm (BST)

Ikaria is more than enough a thrill for you. You have proved it to the world with this blog! And we wouldn’t mind one more «good sailor’s wife» over here. So I voted for sol. # 5. A question put is a question solved.
(my selfish motive: nobody else cooks so delicious «pommes frites» -lol:)

Saturday May 5, 2007 – 11:20pm (EEST)

No. 5, because I want to see your images of Ikaria again… and because it seems that is the address of your soul.

Monday May 7, 2007 – 11:16am (PDT) Remove Comment

Thank you friends! The desicion (nr. 5) is almost 1/2-taken and growning (3/5s, 4/5s and on). I just wanted to see how it sounds. Both Stavros and I have been succesful in our careers and we have struggled since very young for that. But now that safety and money is near, Stavros is afraid that though maybe a captain, he may soon become alcoholic. And me, though maybe soon a TV producer, I’ll get in cocaine!.. It’s just how the story goes.
(I don’t mention Sideraki. When we are happy he is happy, might this be on the moon -:))
So i will settle in Ikaria. (I can’t believe i’m writing this -thank you) and maybe I will stageset RPGs like: imagine you are the wicked weasel and I am a wicked chicken… bla bla.

Too many ‘maybes’? Yes. But as some old wiseguy said, when a woman says ‘maybe’, she means ‘yes’. No? (ha ha)

f i l a k i a

Thursday May 10, 2007 – 12:26pm (PDT)

Make it soon Eleni. I want to come back to Ikaria in Sept / Oct and maybe our two babies can meet and be friends….

Thursday May 10, 2007 – 10:40pm (BST)

It so happened I walked by «the barn» today…

Saturday May 12, 2007 – 09:17pm (EEST)

No.5, of course! Confess it Eleni! We are all your friends, now you can tell it: you planned it well. It was a perfect plan and it succeeded. Brava! Baci. Vi verrò a trovare.

Wednesday May 16, 2007 – 01:47am (CEST)

That’s funny Jimmy -I was thinking of you! If (I say, ‘if’) Stavros takes the job, he will have to sail the small vessel to Bari as well. Have you ever sailed across the east side of the Mediterranean in a «Motor-Ship» sailing almost at sea level? Are you a hard drinker and never get seasick? I may arrange so that you have a free ride. (‘if’, I say ‘if’)


Wednesday May 16, 2007 – 02:49am (PDT)

No if
Tell Stavros that he have a friend on the west side of the adriatic sea, either or not he will take the job. When he’ll be here in Bari he just have to knock at my door and I’ll give him a warm welcome and a free ride in my town, dangerous and risky more than sailing in a motorship.

un bacione alla famiglia

Friday May 18, 2007 – 02:22am (CEST)

I’m in for a ride with Jimmy. Helmets are not against the law in the south of Italy, are they?

Friday May 18, 2007 – 10:31pm (EEST)

I advise you to wear a solid one. Come Nanà, but don’t worry: I’ll protect you.

Sunday May 20, 2007 – 04:44pm (CEST)

Glad you have chosen solution nr 5 . I would have chosen the same. Hope this fits best to your future plans.Good luck Elle

Wednesday May 23, 2007 – 12:24am (PDT)

Και η Λαμπρινή που διαβασε τα καθεκαστα, μου εγραψε μειλ και ειπε:


«Διάβασα σήμερα το blog σου, όπου γράφεις για την δουλειά του άντρα σου και την δική σου. Εγώ ψηφίζω την λύση νούμερο 5. Είναιη πιο φιλική προς τον γιο σας. Πιστεύω, ότι σε έχει ανάγκη πολύ. Λείπει ο μπαμπάς, μην του λείψεις κι εσύ. Καλή η γιαγιά και ο παππούς, αλλά δεν είναι το ίδιο.
Αργότερα, όταν θα μεγαλώσει, θα αναζητάει τον χρόνο, που θα νιώθει, ότι του χρωστάς. Θα είναι δύσκολο να αναπληρώσεις το κενό.
Δεν έχω παιδί, ίσως να μην μου πέφτει λόγος, αλλά το έχω δει σε άλλες οικογένειες. Δεν εκφράζομαι εύκολα με λόγια, αλλά παρατηρώ και διαισθάνομαι πάρα πολλά. Ίσως να κλειστείς για κάποια χρόνια και να σου λείψουν τα ταξίδια, και χρήματα, αλλά θα κάνεις πολύ πιο καλή «επένδυση».
Την χαρά στην ψυχή του γιου σας… και σαν συνέπεια αυτού και στην δική σου. Κανένα υλικό αγαθό δεν μπορεί να την αναπληρώσει. Είναι σημαντικό να εκτιμούμε το εδώ και τώρα. Τίποτα δεν μπορούμε να διορθώσουμε στο μέλλον. Το δίλημμα το είχες σχεδόν πριν 2 χρόνια και αν κατάλαβα καλά, μάλλον δουλεύεις μακριά τα καλοκαίρια και είσαι σπίτι τον χειμώνα. Εύχομαι πραγματικά να τα βγάζεις πέρα και να έχεις δύναμη και κουράγιο! Σίγουρα δεν είναι εύκολο.»

(1η Μαρτη 2009)

Sunday March 1, 2009 – 12:10pm (PST)